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Is Tonal a streaming service?

Tonal is an audio player for collectors to build local music collections that stay forever. Tonal comes with an empty library after purchase.

Is Tonal free?

To collect more than 20 discs, you must pay for the “Unlimited Discs” in-app purchase. Tonal is built for and with the people who pay for it from day one. Software needs maintenance, maintainers need to subsist. This is especially true for a niche market.

Is Tonal a subscription service?

Buy it and own it. There is no recurring subscription fee: the subscription model simply does not align with our philosophy.

Need to pay for upgrades?

Not in the short term.
Upgrades are free until the next major version, which usually takes years to fruition. A license is eligible for free upgrades to the next major version if the next major version is released within two months of the original purchase.

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